About Us

Roof By Roof Exteriors is proud to be a family-owned and operated business.

The company has a long history of operating in Canadian city of Calgary of the province of Alberta.

A skilled immigrant from Europe with over 35 years of experience had come to Calgary with his family where in 1997 he established a roofing company called Roof By Roof Exteriors.

Since then for many years the company's team have worked as a subcontractor which resulted in completing hundreds of roofing jobs around the city.

After original senior management retirement in 2011 the company has been taken over by an ambitious young second generation of the family.

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New managers are not novice in the business and the industry. They have been working with the company from the day one and know the industry inside out.

Roof By Roof Exteriors rapidly became a well known company with a reputation of top quality, unbeatable reliability and integrity.

Unconditional dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction are the driving force behind Roof By Roof Exteriors' values for success.

No matter what your project is here at Roof By Roof Exteriors we are always looking after you.

That is our policy and it will be our policy for as long we are in business.

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