Fascia Calgary Roofing Service

Roof By Roof Exteriors has been an accredited fascia installer for the Calgary roofing area for many years. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair of several different types of fascia.

These types include:

• Wood fascia

• Vinyl fascia

• Aluminum fascia

• Composite lumber

Just like any part of calgary roofing system - fascia is an important element in the protection of the edge of your roof. The fascia creates a barrier between the wooden part of the roof and the outside environment. In addition, fascia serves as a base for eavestroughs by holding them securely in place while keeping the wood dry and protected.

Whether it's a new home or an older one for calgary roofing, it is advisable to make sure that this part is properly maintained in order to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Our company is fully licensed and insured for these projects. We employ highly skilled fascia installers who will work with you from the initial project consultation in Calgary roofing to the last minute of the project walk-around inspection.

All our work is warranted and guaranteed.

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